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A Rougelite Top-down Bullethell Shooter


Welcome to scenic baseAFD: A hidden military base in the middle of the desert.

Inside, the nefarious BADDIES are illegally creating and utilizing -DATA- for unknown, probably nefarious purposes.

As WAYAS HEDRON, you must infiltrate baseAFD, the home base location of the BADDIES and put a swift end to their plans-- whatever they might be. I'm not sure what they are, they won't tell me.


  • An infinite amount of randomly generated levels!
  • Items!
  • Multiple weapons!
  • Reactive Music!
  • A surrealist story featuring several odd characters!
  • A bunch of stuff!

AFD Classic:

baseAFD is an updated version of AFD. It contains a huge amount of new content and features. However, the legacy version, AFD, will remain available on this page as a free download.

AFD Classic Controls:

  • W, A, S, D - movement
  • Mouse- Aim and fire
  • left click for primary, right click for secondary
  • Q, E - switch weapon
  • F11- Fullscreen
  • Hold shift- look around
  • Space - Dodge

Content warnin': Contains cartoony blood and naughty words.


This cool game experience is currently unavailable

Download demo

AFD_1.2.4_win.7z 41 MB

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Its a good game