A downloadable mistake for Windows

more like, "i maed a mistake" lmao

this was one of the 2 things i made that learned me Unity, which is a very good videogame engine that I can recommend

it's shit like this that makes the unity engine look bad, so i'm sorry. but i'm telling you now that the unity engine is actually very very good, and there are some fantastic games made using it (not this one lol)

this was a thing i started during freshman year of high school and i jumped back to it occasionally when i was bored. it got to the point to where i could feel unity beg for mercy so it's done now. it's got tonnes of secrets and also a win condition

you can't donate to this because it is a really bad game and i don't feel comfortable accepting money for it. if you want to support me, go buy my other game baseAFD which is actually pretty good i think


imvag.7z 140 MB

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